Brian Dagul’s Take on Tottenham’s 2-1 Defeat at Wolves

In a candid post-match review, Brian Dagul from Tottenham On Tour dissected Tottenham Hotspur’s disappointing 2-1 loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers. His analysis, delivered with a mix of frustration and realism, highlighted the deep-rooted issues within the club and the team’s performance on the day.

A Story of Decline

Brian opened with a metaphorical story about ENIC’s ownership of Tottenham, suggesting a long-standing pattern of the club being let down by its management. This set the tone for a critique that went beyond the match itself, delving into the systemic problems at Spurs.

Analyzing the Match

The conversation quickly turned to the game, where Brian expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s performance. He pointed out the lack of creativity in midfield, especially criticizing Yves Bissouma’s impact. The absence of Maddison and Van de Ven due to injuries was felt acutely, as Spurs lacked the necessary quality to control the game.

Defensive Lapses

Brian highlighted the defensive issues, particularly focusing on Dier and Davies. While they were okay for most of the game, their lapses in crucial moments led to Wolves’ goals. The lack of pace and power in defense was a significant concern, with Brian advocating for the inclusion of younger players like Phillips to bring more dynamism to the backline.

Midfield and Tactical Choices

The discussion also touched upon the midfield dynamics, especially in the absence of Bissouma due to suspension. Brian suggested that Højbjerg and Lo Celso could bring the needed creativity, though he acknowledged Højbjerg’s passing wasn’t up to par in this match.

Managerial Decisions and Future Games

Brian expressed support for manager Ange Postecoglou, emphasizing that the defeat was more about the players’ quality than the manager’s tactics. Looking ahead, he was realistic about the challenges Tottenham faces in upcoming fixtures against teams like Aston Villa and Manchester City, given the current squad’s limitations.

The Bigger Picture: ENIC and Levy

Throughout the review, Brian reiterated his stance on the club’s ownership and management, particularly Daniel Levy. He stressed that the recurring issues at Tottenham are a result of mismanagement at the top level, urging fans not to blame the coach for deeper, structural problems.

Closing Thoughts

In his concluding remarks, Brian remained critical yet hopeful. He acknowledged the need for significant changes at the club, both in terms of player personnel and management. His parting words, a call for Levy’s departure, encapsulated the sentiment of many Spurs fans who are yearning for a new direction at the club.

In summary, Brian Dagul’s match review painted a picture of a club at a crossroads. While acknowledging the immediate shortcomings in the match against Wolves, his analysis delved deeper, questioning the long-term direction and leadership of Tottenham Hotspur.

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